Automatic Palletizer Mod. PFB-1000

No. 2 transversal spacing devices, placed on the counterbar holding the layer;
Mechanical pushing device for moving carton rows onto the layer forming platform;
Layer pre-forming surface;
Vertical trolley for llifting layers, fitted with roller platform;
Counterbar holding the layer during its discharge onto the pallet;
Trolley movement motor group driven by inverter;
No. 1 palletizing program (software and hardware);
Complete electric installation;
Electric board, driven by PLC;
Electrical installation fitted on board.

Pallet dimensions: 800 x 1200 mm
Carton / bundle dimensions: 380 x 300 x H 220 mm
Installed el. power: 8 kW approx.
Output: 2 layers/1’

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