Clusterpak Machine Mod. AV-20000

High capacity flat cardboard storage device;
The cardboard extraction unit, operating by means of suction devices, is complete with Venturi meterer;
Side chains with sprockets for spacing and gathering the cups;
Chains with sprockets for towing the flat cardboard;
Shaped guides for folding the flat cardboard around the cups;
Hot-melt glueing unit for cardboard sealing on the bottom, complete with pipe and spray gun;
Exit conveyor for the completed multipack;
Safety guardings consisting of fixed panels in stainless steel sheet on the lower part and openable hatches in tubular with stainless steel wire net in the upper part; these latter are complete with safety microswitch;
Alarm signal with display;
Electrical installation featuring IP 55 safety degree, with control board in stainless steel.

Voltage: 400 V 50 Hz 3ph +N+T
Capacity: 16.000 cups/h.(4.000 packs)
El. power installed: approx.6,5 kW
Compr. air cons.: 2 Nm.3/h
Operational pressure: 6 Bar
Weight: 1500 Kg. approx
Dimensions: 5250 (approx.) x 900 x H 2000 mm

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