Crate filling Machine Mod. I-6000

Picking-up head fitted with pneumatically driven grippers. The special gripper profile guarantees a sure gripping of packs, thus avoiding damaging them;
Centering hopper for the pack layer and the crate;
Accident-proof protections realised in compliance with current standard norms; gates are fitted with safety microswitch;
Control board realised in stainless steel, driven by PLC Siemens;
Electrical installation having IP 55 protection degree;
Manual centralised lubrication;
Lying pack detecting device.

Operational speed: 6 cycles/1′
Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz. 3ph
El. power installed: 3 kW
Air consumption: 30 Nm3/h
Operational pressure: 6 bar
Weight: 700 Kg

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