Multilayer palletizer Mod. PFB-1000/MS

Pneumatic hiding device for cartons’ rotation;
Mechanical pushing device for moving cartons onto the mobile platform, with hiding return movement when lifting;
Layer pre-formation station;
Mobile truck for lifting layers, fitted with surface realised in stainless steel and idle rollers;
Retaining bar to ensure the layer, when being discharged;
N. 2 reducer groups for lifting the mobile platform;
Palletizing program (software and fittings);
Electrical installation on the machine;
Electric control panel, fitted with PLC, complying with European standard IP 55 regulations;
Accident-proof protections, fitted with controlled opening gates and photoelectric barriers;
N.1 two-pallet trolley, moving sideways on rails, driven by a geared motor with acceleration and deceleration ramp, electronically driven in order to guarantee the max. stability to the palletised load.

Pallet type: return wooden pallet 800 x 1200 mm
Installed power: 7 kW
Air consumption: 60 Nlt/1’ at 60 Bar
Capacity: 2 layers/minute, approx.

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