Strow applicator Mod. MC-8000

Straw spool supporting and unrolling unit;
Step-by-step rotor for the feeding of the straw, complete with centering cups;
Straw cutting blade, driven by a mechanical connecting rod-and handle system;
Hot-melt device consisting of applicator, pipe, sprayer and nozzles;
Cam controlled device for straw application on the pack;
Sprayer protection;
Pack orienting device, letting them go out of the machine in standing position;
Possibility of crossing the machine without handling the packs in case the straw application would not be required;
Possibility of pack inlet in horizontal position;
Electric installation with safety degree IP 55;
Electric control board, controlled by PLC;
Additional pushbutton panel containing all controls and warning lamps;
Safety at work guardings according to current standards;
The openable protections are complete with safety microswitch.

Max. production: 7.200 straws./hour
Voltage: 380 V – 50 Hz 3ph
El. power installed: 5 kW
Compressed air cons.: 3 Nm3/H
Operational pressure: 6 bar - weight: approx.650 Kg
Overall dimensions: 1800 x 1090 x H= 1950

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