Tray-filling Machine FIDD-12000

Machine infeed conveyor with step-by-step movement, fitted with frequency converter to start and stop on controlled speed;
Pushing unit, moving the pack to the filling area;
Horizontally moving hiding platform;
Tray centering hopper during the filling operation;
Tray lifting device;
Pneumatic device, introducing the pack into the tray;
Stainless steel electric panel; driven by PLC unit;
Accident-proof protections, realised according to European regulations, having gates, fitted with safety micro-switches;
Electric installation having IP 55 protection degree.

Output: 12.000 packs/hour, with 16/32 pcs trays
Voltage: 380 V.-50 Hz 3ph + N+ earth
Inst. el. power inst.: 8 kW
Compr.air cons.: 40 Nm3/h
Oper. pressure: 6 bar 
Dimensions: 3800 x 4500 x H= 2000 mm
Weight: 1450 Kg approx

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